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Registered Nurse - Nights
New MexicoReqID: 23026
Otero County Prison Facility, operated and managed by MTC, is committed to serve and protect the people of New Mexico and Texas. The facility provides a structured program intended to encourage and establish a foundation for detainee reintegration into society. The Otero County Prison Facility encourages employee success by offering opportunities for continuing education and promotions from within.
Position Summary:
Reports administratively to the health services administrator, clinically to the prescribing provider and supervised by the Director of Nursing. Performs duties concerned with the care of the sick and injured, prevention of illness and promotion of good health in compliance with MTC Medical, Otero County, and various customer directives.
Essential Functions:
+ Attend sick call with the physicians to see inmates; prepare examining room and equipment.
+ Call the physician for medication and treatment orders and other emergencies.
+ Operate pill call, administers medication and accurately and completely document treatment as required by applicable policies and procedures.
+ Examine and assess inmates with illnesses or injuries or inmates who become ill or injured; confer with physician to refer inmates to the emergency room as required by their condition and document in medical record or other forms as appropriate.
+ Maintain clean work area; use or direct the use of appropriate sanitation methods.
+ Practice basic cost containment and utilization management for patient care and facility operations.
+ Maintain absolute security and confidentiality of all medical records; observe applicable HIPAA rules.
+ Review medical files to determine all provided services are documented.
+ Closely monitor all potential catastrophic illnesses.
+ Comply with all applicable pharmacy laws, especially those covering controlled substances.
+ Observe and record inmate behavior, assess and triage with appropriate documentation.
+ Inspect medical unit for items that could be used as contraband by inmates; securely store or safely dispose of supplies and equipment. Control medication, syringes, or other medical supplies.
+ Perform work on an on-call basis, as required.
+ Provide health counseling and health education on individual or group basis, as required.
+ Prepare and maintain narrative, statistical, summary and operational records, reports and logs.
+ Assist corporate counsel with responses to inmate lawsuits.
+ Attend scheduled staff meetings, promote communications and flow of relevant information in the medical unit.
+ Facilitate, where applicable, NCCHC/ACA/JCAHO accreditation of the medical program by providing the required level of efficiency and approved, appropriate medical services.
+ Prepare and disseminate safety and accident reports as required by policies and procedures; take appropriate action in cases of serious and unusual incidents and emergencies.
+ Properly chart medical care.
+ Initiate and complete investigations and inquiries with accuracy, as directed, gather information and evidence, interview and obtain the statements; exercise independent judgment by determining when probably cause exists to recommend disciplinary action.
+ Perform rescue functions at accidents, emergencies and disasters to include administering basic emergency medical aid, physically removing people away from dangerous situations, and securing and evacuating people from confined areas.
+ Interpret an extensive variety of medical and technical instructions in the form of handwritten text, correspondence, policies, regulations, procedures, reports, directions for forms completion and other documents.
+ Read, analyze, comprehend and interpret medical and technical procedures, governmental regulations, legal and non-legal documents, including the processing of such documents as medical instructions, commitment orders, summons and other legal writs. Promote the development of positive social skills through modeling appropriate behaviors and intervening when inappropriate behaviors are observed.
It is expected that the incumbent shall perform other duties as assigned within his/her capabilities as determined by management.
Education and Experience Requirements:
Degree in nursing, current, valid license for the state of New Mexico or compact state. Must possess current CPR certification. Must work within New Mexico state board of nursing scope of practice. Valid driver?s license in the state of New Mexico or Texas with an acceptable driving record required, unless waived by management.
Post Hire Requirements:
Must successfully complete annual in-service training requirements and maintain appropriate facility clearance.
Management & Training Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist